Vazgen Boryan’s impression on EXIT Youth Exchange in Bonn, Germany


Vazgen from Armenia was one of the participants in the “Extremely Together Against Extremism!- Youth Exchange” project in Bonn, Germany from 07.08.2023- 16.08.2023. Below you can read our short Q&A with Vazgen who expresses his ideas and shares his experience with us.


When you think about the week in Bonn, Germany, what comes to mind first?


Meeting with wonderful people.


What was something interesting you learned in the EXIT Youth Exchange?


The cultural differences of other country people.


What specific skills or ideas did you take home from the Youth Exchange?


How do I need to be with people of the background of refuge, I mean their feelings, and etc..


Do you think the Youth Exchange will have an impact on your future activities/work in general?


At this moment I am participating in the same topic about refugees organised by the Council of Europe in Strasburg, just because  I like what I study in Bonn, Germany


After the Youth Exchange, what is something that you will remember from the week: regarding content and general activities?


I remember activities, one when we massaged each other and the next one when we filmed a small movie about refugees.


The training was organized by Life Learning Development e.V. (Germany) under the Erasmus+ programme of the EU.