Sayed Ahmad Fahim Masoumi’s  impression on BRAVE Seminar Course in Bonn, Germany from August 15 to August 23, 2023


Sayed  from Germany was one of the participants in the “Breaking Gender Barriers through Youth Work” project in Bonn, Germany. Below you can read our short Q&A with sayed who expresses his ideas and shares his experience with us.


  1. When you think about the week in Cologne Germany, what comes to mind first?


It reminds me of group of young people coming together consist of different social, cultural, and perspective backgrounds with clear object to expose themselves with gender topics.


  1. What was something interesting you learned in the BRAVE II Seminar: Professional Development Activity?

Tools to map out gender barriers, presentation and negotiation skills advancement, enhancing social and cultural awareness across EU, and self awareness.


  1. What specific skills or ideas did you take home from the Seminar?

Gender barriers and inequality exists and it’s youths’ responsibility to convey the right message and knowledge to peers in working environment or educational institution.


  1. Do you think the Seminar will have an impact on your future activities/work in general?

It will assist me in my work to bring this topic more to the forefront of discussions in our working groups where we work with practitioner, youth, and experts on reducing inequality in development cooperation projects.


  1. After the Seminar, what is something that you will remember from the week: regarding content and general activities?

The project methodology, content, and mix group of youth from different countries, and space for speaking up were all key takeaways for me.


Thanks for bringing this kind of projects for youth empowerment.


The training was organized by Life Learning Development e.V. (Germany) under the Erasmus+ programme of the EU.