Life Learning Development




We work with organizations to providing skills for present and future jobs through upgrade skills, curriculum development and relevant quality training programs.

Migrant and social inclusion

We enjoy collaborative relation in supporting migrants and migrant communities in order to enhance their integration and re-integration in the society they find themselves through intercultural communication and competence building.

Social entrepreneurship programs

As a network of alumni groups, we bring out the best in our members through our social innovation and social entrepreneurship training which cover the entire entrepreneurship ecosystem that are required for them to kick-start their social businesses.

Digital skills

We are constantly in tune we the current and future demand for digital skills due to our vast interdisciplinary members in different works of life and dedicated trainings to the larger community of knowledge seekers.

Health and nutrition

We encourage healthy living and balance diet in order to have stronger immune systems and sound minds for growth and able body for critical thinking.

Dissemination and sustainability

We ensure best practices are shared publicly with the larger community and provide platforms for continuous learning and improvement in the outcomes of our projects and programs.