Data Analysis and Visualization with Python Online Workshop

Data Analysis and Visualization with Python Online Workshop


Digitization of our daily activities has made data science an important multi-disciplinary field and game changer for knowledge extraction from big data in the 21st century. For any successful project or research, the ability of the managers or researchers to collect, visualize, analyze and interpret data cannot be over emphasized. The approach for research through data science helps to uncover new insights in research & broaden decision making process. Life Learning Development LLD e.V. Duisburg in collaboration with Afridat Bonn Germany is offering the online workshop. This online workshop therefore aims to provide the following objectives:


  • Ability to analyze, visualize, and interpret their data using data mining tools such as Python Pandas, Matplotlib and Seaborn.
  • Familiarization with Data science tools, and installation: Jupyter Notebook as an integrated development environment.
  • Learning data wrangling & analysis with python pandas: hand-on skills training with practical examples and exercises.
  • Hand-on skills training with Matplotlib, Plotly and Seaborn for data visualization.
  • Step by step teaching approach for beginners

Target groups

Data analyst & Scientist, Engineers, Students, researchers, scientist, and graduates

Course Detail

  1. Data collection and management
  2. Understanding the need for data analysis
  3. Familiarization with Jupyter Notebook – A tool for data analysis
  4. Introduction to Pandas data structure
  5. Pandas basic functionalities
  6. Descriptive statistics with Pandas
  7. Pandas Date Time operation
  8. Pandas text operation
  9. Pandas Functions
  10. Working with missing data
  11. Pandas iteration, indexing and sorting operation
  12. Pandas selection and aggregation
  13. Grouping, merging, concatenation and joining
  14. Data visualization fundamentals with Matplotlib
  15. Statistical chart with Matplotlib
  16. Data visualization with Seaborn
  17. Data visualization with Plotly

Learning outcomes

  • Participants will be able to use Python Pandas to explore data and conduct statistical analyses.
  • Participants will learn to present their data attractively in such a manner to allow their audiences understand their research using Matplotlib, Plotly and Seaborn.
  • Ability to use of Jupyter Notebook.